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We are proud of our many accomplished alumni!

Fellowship Academy's first graduating class was in 2008. Since, then our graduates have gone on to universities to earn bachelors and advanced degrees, and they also have gone to technical schools. Many have started their own businesses. 
Jacob Johnson has had great success with his business, Calyan Wax, which combines wonderful candles with an important mission. To learn more, read about Calyan Wax here.

If you are an FA Alumnus, we want to hear your story! Please email us and let us know what you are up to! 

We have enjoyed employing many of our alumni over the years. Currently, Trinity Delmar is the Assistant to our Athletic Director and the director of our Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter. Trinity has some encouragement to share below:

You Are Not Alone

Trinity Delmar

In times like these, it is easy to feel small and insignificant. What do you do when the entire world changes in one day? Now many of us are home, looking for our next step. As you go about doing the best you can to adjust, this is what we want you to know: You are not alone.

One of the greatest priorities of Fellowship Academy is family. It is an environment every administrator, faculty, and staff member has worked hard to build. During these difficult days, please remember that you are in our prayers and our hearts. 

So, to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise cloudy day, here are five ways you can make this time at home joyful, effective, and a worthy memory. 

1 – Go Outside!

You have stared at those same four walls long enough! Trust me there is plenty of things to do outside. From sitting in a chair with your favorite book to laying under the open sky, soak up the sun and shake up your routine. One of my favorite things to do is go to the backyard with my work and sit in the shade. Not only does it provide the necessary motivation, but I hear it is good for your brain too. So, do not waste another beautiful day. Go outside and enjoy a little nature!

2 – There’s No Party Like A…

You fill in the blank! Taco night, movie night, game night, what will your next party at home be? The important thing is to make it special. Get everyone involved, because family memories are some of the best kind!

3 – A Time Capsule

This may be the most unique out of the five! For one month, make a list of everything you are grateful for. When you reach the end of the month, place your list into a container of some kind (a box, a glass bottle, etc.) and bury it in your backyard. No backyard? Hide it deep in the back of a closet. This time next year, dig it up, and read it. Create a spirit of gratitude and something to look forward. Nothing beats a bad day like a thankful heart!

4 – Exercise

We all said we would get around to it someday. I guess there really is no time like the present, right? We all need a good challenge to stimulate our minds and help our bodies function to their peak capacity. Also, a healthy lifestyle will make us more productive throughout the day. Need extra motivation? Challenge your friends to workout with you through a video conference platform. Download that exercise app and take this time to get healthy! 

5 – Grow
I saved the most important for last. The heart of who we are at FA is Jesus. What an amazing opportunity to grow in our relationship with Him. There is more time now than many of us have ever had to read the Bible and spend time in prayer. At times, it may sound cliché. However, I would submit to you that this is our greatest source of strength in times like these. Allow God to give you the peace and direction we are all desperately longing for right now. Grow to a place that whether in crisis or abundance, He is your anchor and closest companion.

I hope these five tips help make your time at home special. Between school and work, do not forget to make time for fun, enjoying those around you, making memories, creating healthy lifestyles, and growing with God a priority. Remember that your Fellowship Academy family is here for you; and that it is always a great day to be a Mustang!

Thank you, Trinity! We appreciate the encouragement you are to all of us!


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