North Texas Giving Day

September 19 is the kick-off for the Fellowship Academy 2019-2020 Friends of Fellowship Demolish the Debt with North Texas Giving Day!

Be on the lookout because soon we'll be announcing some fun activities for our students and parents that will be taking place between September 9-19. Between those dates, we will be focusing on demolishing a $160,000 gym-finish loan that will allow us to free up resources we need for our annual fund. Raising funds during these days will earn us bonus money and matching funds, so your donated dollars will go further!

To have a successful NTGD campaign, we will need as much participation as possible from our Fellowship Family. If you want to be part of this campaign as a volunteer, or by donating a matching gift, please get in touch with Traci Poe, at

CLICK HERE to view the Fellowship Academy NTGD website.  Remember, your gifts to the school are tax deductible!